Roblox Not Authorized to Join This Experience

screenshot showing "Not Authorized to Join This Experience" message

My kids started playing Roblox and they occasionally run into issues. The latest is when one tried to join a private server, they were met with an error message due to parental control/privacy settings. To learn how to easily fix the Roblox “Not authorized to join this experience due to privacy setting”, read on!

Confirm “Not authorized to join this experience due to privacy setting”

Try to join a private server by clicking on a Friend’s name and clicking Join:

And check if you run into the message “Not authorized to join this experience due to privacy setting” at the bottom. The fix? Try adjusting the parental controls, (not privacy settings), to allow it!

Adjust Parental Controls

Start by going to the main home screen, then the triple dots on the left rail menu, and then Settings:

Then click on Parental Controls (not Privacy, as the error suggests). Now you’re at the main Parental Controls settings section:

Most likely you have the “Whose private servers can this account join through links” setting set to “No one”. Instead, you need to set that to “Friends” in order to resolve the issue:

Simply click on the drop down menu and change it to Friends. If you have the parental settings protected by a PIN, you’ll need to enter it when prompted. Then, you’ll see the new setting is saved, confirmed by the green message at the top of the screen:

With that updated, try joining the Friend’s server again and you should be all set!


In order to fix the “Not Authorized to Join This Experience Due To Privacy Setting” message in Roblox, try to go in to the Parental Controls and allow the user to join the’ private servers though links’ to ‘Friends’ instead of ‘No One’. Once that’s updated, you should be good!

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