Downgrade a Google One Plan

screenshot showing only upgrade options

Currently subscribe to a Google One plan and want to downgrade it, but all you can see is how to upgrade?

I previously signed up for a 2TB plan (which also came with a nice 10% cashback benefit for making a future purchases) but when I later wanted to downgrade, I couldn’t find how to do so. I tried the main page but was only offered options to upgrade, and couldn’t find any way to downgrade. Eventually, I found it, so follow the steps below to learn how to downgrade your Google One plan:

How to Downgrade

First, go to (login if you’re not already)

Then, click on the settings icon on the top right and go to Change Membership Plan:

the link to change membership plan when learning how to downgrade a google one plan

And finally, scroll past the upgrade options and you’ll see your available downgrade options!

Wrap up

That’s it! Simply login to your One account, click settings –> change membership plan, then choose your desired downgrade option, and you’re done

7 thoughts on “Downgrade a Google One Plan”

  1. They must have changed things recently, because when I go to the page you show, I only have “manage email preferences” and “manage family plans.” Cute, Google.

    if anyone knows how to downgrade as of February 2023, feel free to email me, lol

    1. hmm, I still see the additional two options on my side (“Change payment method” and “Change membership plan”). What plan are you currently subscribed to? And I realize this is a lame question, but you’re logged into the same google account that has the Google One subscription, yah?

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