Open an Alienware Aurora R10 Case

photo of the front of an Alienware Aurora R10 computer

Want to learn how to open an Alienware Aurora R10 desktop case? All you need to do is remove a single screw, pull a lever, and the side panel slides off – slide two more levers, and the power supply rotates out to open it even more:

Remove the panel lever screw

Start off by locating the lever on the back that is used to pop off the side panel.

photo of the rear of an alienware aurora r10 desktop

Remove the screw locking that lever in place:

Pull the lever to release the side panel

With the side panel lever screw removed, simply pull the lever away from the back of the computer. Note that the lever is hinged on the right side, so you are basically pulling on the left side of the lever. As you pull it, the top of the side panel should pop out as shown below:

animated gif showing the top of the side panel pop off when pulling the release lever, part of the how to guide to open an alieware aurora r10 case

Then, you just simply pull the panel up and away from the chassis. For reference, if you look at the picture below, you can see the four tabs on the bottom of the panel, and the holes they fit into, to see how the panel fits in the chassis after pulling the lever:

a photo showing the tabs at the bottom of the panel that help secure it to the chassis

and now you have access to the inside:

photo of an alienware aurora r10 case without the side panel

Slide out the power supply to access everything

With the panel removed, you can’t really access anything yet because the power supply is in the way. To move it, first push up on the two power supply locking tabs to allow it to swing out of the way:

shows the two locking tabs to release the power supply, part of the how to guide to open an alieware aurora r10 case

then push/pull the power supply for it to rotate out of the way:

animated photo showing the power supply sliding out of the way, part of the how to guide to open an alieware aurora r10 case

and then you have access to the motherboard, graphics card, etc:

a photo of the inside of an alienware aurora r10 case

Wrap up

To open the Alienware Aurora R10 desktop case, you need a philips screwdriver and about 1 minute of time. You remove the screw locking the panel lever, pull that lever, pop off the panel, push up on the power supply locking tabs, and slide the power supply out of the way, and you’re done!

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